Don’t you know that you’re toxic

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Switzerland Creative Director: Dennis Lück Copywriters: Tizian Walti, Maximilian Kortmann Art Directors: Christoff Strukamp, Cinthia Stettler, Denise Frech, Cristian Neuenschwander Illustration: Anatolij Pickmann for Illunet GmbH

A new series of ads for Greenpeace pits a modern-day David against a Goliath spawned from pollutants.
Despite the victory of the underdog in the biblical story (and, according to Malcolm Gladwell, in contemporary society) commenters who praised the vivid drawings of Anatolij Pickmann pronounced themselves bummed by the apparent unevenness of the matchup he conjured. “Is Greenpeace telling us that we should carry on fighting against big industry and its casual disregard for the planet?” queried Creative Bloq. “Or that we’ve already lost?” Or, as copyranter put it: “You want me to ‘become David” against those giant fucking environment killing machines?”

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