Niborama is the art blog of Cre8tive Youth*ink.

Executive Editor: Robin Cembalest

Senior Editors: Nicole Casamento and Alexander Mahany, members of the Cre8tive YouTH*ink Apprentice Social Media Crew.

Nicole CasamentoNicole Casamento is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in English Literature at Brooklyn College where she focuses on Modern Periodical Studies and serves as the President of the Graduate English Committee. Nicole previously worked as an Editorial Intern at ARTnews Magazine in Fall 2013. Before that, she worked as an Editorial Associate for caribBEING, where she developed original content on contemporary Caribbean cinema for their website. She simultaneously helped manage the social media team for the art film Music for (Prepared) Bicycles. She also contributes literary reviews for The Tottenville Review and blogs on Culture Grinder.

Alexander MahanyAlexander Mahany currently works as an Editorial Intern at ARTnews Magazine and as an Assistant Web Admin and Editorial Assistant for Tennis Magazine. Prior to that he worked as an artist assistant to the Czech artist Kristof Kintera, and as a personal archivist to the conceptual artist Henry Flynt. Born outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Alexander graduated from New York University with a concentration in Contemporary Art and Print Journalism in May, 2013. His interests include tennis, fashion, popular culture and art with a conceptual or social justice bend. He has been published in New York University’s Ink & Image Magazine and Tennis Magazine.

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